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Tributes to Our Retiring NBFA Directors


William H. 'Bill' Blue

NBFA Past President, Reunion Organizer, Chalice Editor and Historian


Sarah Bitter

NBFA Past Vice-President, Reunion Organizer and Chalice Editor


Margaret 'Peg' Ryan

NBFA Past Chalice Editor  


James 'Jim' Irwin

NBFA Past Chalice Publisher

Bill Blue Tribute

William H. ‘Bill’ Blue

NBFA Historian, Past President, Chalice Editor, Reunion Organizer and Inspirational Friend and Leader

There is so much we would like to say and merely saying “thank you” doesn’t seem adequate, but, nevertheless, we, the members of the NBFA send a sincere ‘Thank You’ to you, Bill Blue, for your many years of dedicated service to the National Blue Family Association!

Your unique impact in the world of genealogy and Blue Family History has left an indelible mark that will be hard to replicate. You are a visionary who brought unsurpassed dedication, energy and creativity to the NBFA, in addition to your exceptional research abilities in compiling the prodigious ‘Descendants of John Blaw (Blue)’, the seminal work in Blue genealogy.


In June 2012, Daniel O. Hileman, the mayor of Romney, WV, issued a proclamation honoring your distinguished service:

  • Whereas, William H. Blue of Seattle, Washington, has been the lead genealogist for the National Blue Family Association for 30 years; and

  • Whereas, William Blue was one of the first genealogists in the United States to successfully cross correlate traditional lineage charts into computer held data; and

  • Whereas, Mr. Blue has hosted 14 Blue family reunions over a 27-year period in Romney, West Virginia assisted by Mrs. Madeline Blue, beloved daughter of Romney; and

  • Whereas, Through his dedicated commitment and demonstrated results, more than 500 members of the Blue family have proudly located their family lineage which began with the John Blue family living in and around Romney; and

  • Whereas, Mr. Blue has compiled editions consisting of over 1200 pages of the National Blue Family Newsletter as a continuing family legacy; and

  • Whereas, Through his work and commitment, Mr. Blue has shown to all that “you have to seek the truth, no matter what it is”; and

  • Whereas, We come together this day to recognize, honor and celebrate the service and accomplishments of Mr. William H. Blue who has demonstrated for over 30 years the core values and visions of the City of Romney by reuniting and improving the Blue Family through truth, education and positive participation.


Your remarkable service described in this proclamation continued for many years after it was issued. You long exceeded, in quality, quantity and longevity, what would normally be expected of any leader and, thus, it is entirely fitting that you should enjoy a long-overdue rest from service.


Each of us will continue to cherish our memories of seeing you at the reunions, of hearing from you via phone, letter or email and of reading of your cross-country road trips and world-wide cruises! We know you will continue to support the NBFA in any way you can and we look forward to hearing how you’re spending your time in Seattle 😊.


Wishing you All the Best, Bill!


All current and former members and friens of the NBFA.

Sarah Bitter Tribute

Sarah Bitter

NBFA Past Vice-President, Reunion Organizer, Chalice Editor and Website Developer

Sarah, we thank you for your many years of dedicated service to the NBFA. You established the first NBFA website in 1999 and it has helped innumerable Blue descendants find their roots. Your thoughtful planning and energetic sponsorship of many NBFA national reunions was directly responsible for bringing many NBFA members and friends together resulting in many wonderful memories and long-lasting friendships. Your innumerable contributions of Chalice articles and your long stint as Chalice Editor helped continue the fine tradition of excellence for our valued newsletter.

You were a 'prime mover and shaker' of the NBFA and we will greatly miss having the benefit of your energy and dedication. We will always value all the many things you did to advance the mission of the NBFA and, just as importantly, your constant emphasis of the importance of FAMILY.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to your continued support of the NBFA!


All current and former members and friends of the NBFA.

Peg Ryan Tribute

Peg Ryan

NBFA Chalice Editor

Peg, we thank you for your long-time dedication and service to the NBFA.  You generously offered your time and talents to the association over the course of many years. You were awarded a life-time membership in the NBFA are thought to be the only member who has attended every Blue reunion.  Through your talented editorship of the Chalice, you carried on a great tradition of producing this fascinating and historically-important record of the many aspects of Blue family lives. 

We wish you all the best and we look forward to your continued support of the NBFA!


All current and former members and friends of the NBFA.

pegryan and jim irwin.jpg
Jim Irwin Tribute

Jim Irwin

NBFA Chalice Publisher

Jim, your substantial technical and organizational skills proved invaluable in getting the Chalice published and delivered in a timely manner and ensured the continuation of this wonderful means of keeping us all connected. We thank you for this long-time service to the NBFA. You continued to support this website by providing digital versions older Chalice's for posting in the online repository.

We wish you all the best and we look forward to your continued support of the NBFA!


All current and former members and friends of the NBFA.


I am sorry to report that Jim passed away on February 13, 2022.

His obituary may be found here.

- Ted Blew, March 6, 2022

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