Van Harlingen Historical Society

The Van Harlingen Historical Society was founded in 1965 to help preserve the heritage of the Montgomery Township, Somerset County, NJ area and to interpret the area’s history through educational programs, publications, and exhibits. The 18th century Blaw's lived in this area.

Hopewell Valley Historical Society

The Hopewell Valley Historical Society was formed in 1975 by a group of individuals interested in preserving the rich history of Hopewell Township, including the boroughs of Hopewell and Pennington, and the villages of Harbourton, Mt. Rose, Titusville, Washington Crossing, and Woodsville, located in Mercer County, New Jersey.

New Netherland Institute

For more than three decades, the New Netherland Institute (NNI) has helped cast light on America’s long-neglected Dutch roots. Created in 1986 as the Friends of the New Netherland Project, it has supported the transcription, translation, and publication of the 17th-century Dutch colonial records held by the New York State Archives and State Library. These records constitute the world’s largest collection of original documentation of the Dutch West India Company and its New World colonies.

Tales of Blawenburg

David Cochran's excellent blog seeks to paint a picture of the historic village, its people, and its surroundings by way of small vignettes. Most of the information provided is factual, but there are some recollections and stories that have been embellished over the years through retellings. Several Blaw family members are featured.

Stoutsburg Sourland African American Museum

The Stoutsburg Sourland African American Museum will focus on educating patrons about the unique culture, experiences, and contributions of the African American community living in the Sourland Mountain Region in Central New Jersey.

Genealogical Society of NJ

The Genealogical Society of New Jersey (GSNJ) was founded in 1921 by a group of genealogical scholars dedicated to the preservation of New Jersey family history. A common interest among GSNJ’s founders was the transcription of tombstone information. Styling themselves “tombstone hounds,” they began organizing “tombstone hunts” at burying grounds around the state.

In 1924, the Society was incorporated with a mission to discover, procure, preserve and publish information pertaining to families and individuals associated with New Jersey. GSNJ’s institutional history has depended extensively on contributions made by volunteers.

Stoutsburg Cemetery

Steeped in rich history, the Stoutsburg Cemetery Association was officially founded in 1858 to preserve and promote this unique burial ground for African American residents and veterans. At least three Blew Family members are buried here.

Somerset County Historical Society

Founded in 1882, the Somerset County Historical Society is dedicated to discovering, procuring and preserving the history of Somerset County, New Jersey.

The Holland Society of New York

The Holland Society of New York is a historical and genealogical society founded to collect and preserve information respecting the early history and settlement of New Netherland by the Dutch. The  Society has, since its founding days, attracted a growing membership to its wide range of activities for the descendants of the New Netherland residents. As a historical society, the organization has worked on preserving the history of New Netherland, from the Society’s Library (now donated to the New York State Library) and by publishing the widely acclaimed journal, de Halve Maen.