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Photos courtesy of Marshall Blue

JOHN SALTER BLUE better picture_edited.jpg

John Salter Blue

Sarah Showalter Gideon_edited.jpg

Sarah Showalter Gideon

John Salter Blue
b. 1794 Virginia [WV]
d. 1855 Seneca Co. OH

John Salter Blue is a descendant of: *

NBFA#1 John Blaw 1677-1757, through his 5th child,

NBFA#1.5 Frederick Blaw d.1793, and then through his 5th son,

NBFA#1.5.5 John Blaw 1740-1781, and then through his 1st son,

NBFA# John Salter Blue bap.1766-1831 John Salter BLUE (1794-1855), m. Sarah GIDEON (b.ca1805). They both were born in VA and the family was living in Seneca Co. OH in 1840 and 1850. Census records indicate that they came from VA to OH ca1831. In 1860, Sarah was living with her son Peter in Williams Co. OH. John is buried at Pleasant Union-Dukes Cemetery in Seneca Co.

* based on data from 'Descendants of John Blaw d.1757, Somerset Co. NJ. 5th Edition, 2003' compiled by William H. Blue.

"This picture of John Salter Blue is how I received it from a relative who has now passed.  This John Salter is buried in Pleasant Union Cemetery jnear Old Fort, Ohio In Seneca County and may very well be a good resemblance of our earlier Johns." - Marshall Blue, 4th great grandson of John Salter Blue.

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Virginia Katherine McMath
Ginger Rogers
b. 16 July 1911 Independence MO
d. 25 April 1995 Rancho Mirage CA

American stage and film dancer and actress Ginger Rogers along with Fred Astaire were the most legendary dancing team in film history; she was also a successful dramatic actress, even winning a Best Actress Oscar.


Born Virginia Katherine McMath, she began her dancing career in vaudeville and made her Broadway debut in 1929 in Top Speed. After starring in George Gershwin's Girl Crazy, she went to Hollywood and began performing in movies, typecast as a flippant blonde. Her first performance with Fred Astaire occurred in Flying Down to Rio, which was so popular that they continued the partnership in nine other films. Though best known for her dancing, Rogers preferred dramatic acting and in 1940 won an Academy Award for her leading role in Kitty Foyle. She also enjoyed a sure hand in light comedy and starred in such films as Tom, Dick and Harry and The Major and the Minor. Rogers returned to the Broadway stage in 1965 when she took over the role of Dolly Levi in Hello Dolly and followed that in 1969 with a star performance as Mame in London.


From the 1950s onwards, Rogers would make occasional appearances on television. In the later years of her career, she made guest appearances in three different series by Aaron Spelling; The Love Boat (1979), Glitter (1984), and Hotel (1987) which would be her final screen appearance as an actress.


Rogers had no children.

- Text from


Ginger Rogers is a descendant of: *

John Blaw 1677-1757 [NBFA#1] through his first child,

John Blaw 1691?-1770 [NBFA#1.1] and then through his 4th son,

Abraham Blue d.1818 [NBFA#1.1.4] and then through his 1st daughter,

Nancy Blue 1767-1845 [NBFA#].

* based on data from 'Descendants of John Blaw d.1757, Somerset Co. NJ. 5th Edition, 2003' compiled by William H. Blue and from public family trees.

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Victoria Alve Blew - 

Photo courtesy of Penelope Kuzmenko

Victoria Alve Blew
b. 1860 Tuscarora PA
d. 1955 Lewisburg PA

'Very intelligent, headstrong and physically strong!' according to family tradition. Victoria is descended from John Blew [NBFA#] and his wife Jerusha who migrated from Somerset Co. NJ and settled in the anthracite coal region of northeastern PA circa 1805.


photo courtesy of Penelope Kuzmenko

L-R: Francis Messersmith [husband], Harry Edgar Messersmith [son], Elmer Elwood Messerschmidt [son], Victoria Alve Blew [wife]

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