All data extracted from: Genealogy of Scottish Blue Families of North America, First Edition. Compiled by William H. Blue and Robert F. Blue, May 1999. Copyright 1999.  Recent generations are not posted. Permission is granted for anyone to use information contained herein for personal genealogical use, however, reproduction and sale of this information is prohibited.


Lakeview Blue Family

Malcolm Blue of Cumberland Co.NC

Effie (Blue) Galbreath of Cumberland Co.NC

William Blue Family of SC and NC

James D. Blue of Brooklyn, Kings Co.NY

Malcolm Blue of Rowan Co.NC

Miles D.Blue Family of TN and TX

Malcolm BLUE of Cantyre, Argyllshire

Duncan Blue Family of Cumberland Co.NC

Guinea Blue Family

Bridge Blue Family

John Blue of Bladen Co.NC

North Gage and River Blue Family

John Blue Family of SC and GA

Archibald Blue Family of SC and GA

Malcolm Blue of Colonsay, Argyllshire

Donald Blue of Argyllshire and Nova Scotia (Line of President Ronald Wilson Reagan)

Daniel/Donald Blue of Argyllshire, Scotland

Catherine (Blue) Currie of Richmond Co.NC

Malcolm Blue of Campbelltown, Argyllshire

Archibald Blue of Mariposa, Ontario, Canada