This Dutch BLUE family descends from a couple associated with the Dutch West India Company, Frederick Janss and Grietje Janss van Groeningen. They are believed to have originated in the northern part of The Netherlands and appear in the records of the Dutch Reformed Church in Recife, Brazil, in the year 1646. By 1651 they were in New Amsterdam, where Frederick Janss received a grant of land from Peter Stuyvesant. Their son, Jan Frederickse (John, son of Frederick) took on the surname BLAUW after the British took over the colony. Many of Jan’s descendants migrated to New Jersey, then westward to Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and Virginia (West Virginia). From these locations they spread throughout the United States and Canada.

Information in the sections below is extracted from: Descendants of John Blaw (Blue) d.1757 Somerset County.,NJ. Fifth Edition. Compiled by William H. Blue. Copyright 2003. Recent generations are not posted. Permission is granted for anyone to use information contained herein for personal genealogical use, however, reproduction and sale of this information is prohibited. 



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