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How are we doing on the website? Any ideas for improvements, new content, etc?
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JD Cowell
Dec 10, 2021
I realize this is an old post, and much has changed since. However, I feel a few things are missing. I can't find any information on how to join the organization itself other than the website/forum signup flow and the general "contact us" link. Someone mentioned lifetime dues? Also, I'm pretty sure I've got my number correct, but does someone assign or verify them? Are there ways to order a copy of the latest edition of the book, "Descendants of John Blaw"? If all of the relevant information is already posted in the PDFs here, that's fine too, but I was wondering if the book contained any other information. On a related note, I've seen references to a sixth edition "in progress". I know that was several leadership teams ago, but are there current plans for a new revision? Along the same lines, I could probably provide recent genealogical information about my branch of the family. Do we have any sort of shared tree? I know Wikitree and FamilySearch exist, but they're mostly public, which among other things means they have a higher chance of including incorrect information. Of course COVID has disrupted the biennial schedule for reunions, but eventually one day I would like to meet people in person. Are there any current plans for a reunion over the next couple years? A members-only area where members can exchange DNA test result information could also be useful for the site. Right now maybe that can be the forum topic instead of a top-level page; on the other hand, if the main site has a visible section designated, it might give new visitors a specific reason to register. (On the gripping hand, people who are exploring their DNA results thoroughly enough to be looking for family associations perhaps would be joining regardless.)
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JD Cowell

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