The National Blue Family Association has been in existence since 1982, when sixteen correspondents convened to organize it.

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Most of the BLUE families in North America belong to either the Dutch BLUE/BLEW family or the Scottish BLUE family. There are Irish BLUEs, but most of these originated in Scotland. Other BLUEs are of German, French or African origin.

Because of the influence of numerous languages and varying degrees of literacy and legibility, the surname meant to describe the color of the sea and the sky has now come to be spelled in numerous ways, from Blauuw to Blew.


The African American Blew Family of Stoutsburg

Read this fascinating story of the connection between an African American family in Hopewell NJ and our Blaw ancestors. First published in the Hopewell Valley Historical Society Newsletter, Vol.xxxv, No.2, Winter/Spring 2017.


Read tributes to our retiring NBFA leaders and letters from Bill Blue and Sarah Bitter about the future of the NBFA

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Tales of Blawenburg

Check out David Cochran’s excellent ‘Tales of Blawenburg’ blog. Of special interest is his September 2021 post 'Blaw's Mill' providing fascinating insights into Blauw roots in 18th century New Jersey.

Just Added

Blue-Mecum History

'John and Cora (Mecum) Blue Family Brief History', an excellent account written by Wayne Ullman in February 2021, follows this family from its origins in Pennsylvania to Illinois and beyond.

Notes from the Past

Marble Surface

"This block bears many links to the early Blaw families...The current location is...25 Broadway, at the approximate site of the Post Office which took over the gallery floor of the Cunard Lines Headquarters Building. It lies just south of Trinity Church."

H. Joel Blue, The Chalice, Vol.21, Issue 2, November 2003

Marble Surface

"The descendants of our original Somerset County NJ settlers have gone far and wide and the stories that they have are many. However, none is more tragic than the story of the Donner Party."

'The Somerset County Connection to the Donner Party', Jacqueline Wells Lubinski, The New Somerset County Historical Society Quarterly, July/August/September, 2017

Marble Surface

"I truly did not know what to expect in Blawenburg. We went first to the Blaw/Nevius Cemetery. The gravesites are in a wooded lot surrounded by farmland. The place was a tangle of low branches, thorny vines and worst of all, Poison Ivy."

'A Visit to Blawenburg, 1988', Kenneth D. Blue, The Chalice, Issue 20 #1, May 2002