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William H. Blue -

Retired NBFA President

From the President Emeritus' Desk: Leaders Needed To Carry On Our Work

"As much as we love to work for the NBFA, there comes a time when we old folk need to cut back in our activities to cut down the stress and concerns of our lives. I know that I’ve felt it and the same has been expressed to me by other NBFA leaders. I’ll gladly admit that I am turning 92 years old in July, but I will not disclose how ancient our other leaders have become. So, if any of you of the younger set would like to take on a more active role in preserving the life of the National Blue Family Association, please contact us."

A Letter from Bill Blue


To the Board of Directors,

from Bill Blue, President.

I apologize to you all for my long silence and failure to respond to your messages. I’d like to blame it on my old computer that hasn’t allowed me to send emails since last October. A new modem and lots of help from my daughter, Sandy, have finally solved that problem.

The primary reason for my delinquency is that I am approaching 92 years of age, and my body and mind are not performing as in the past. I am not able to sit at my computer for 5 or 6 hours as in the past. After one hour, my mind and body are ready for my easy chair.

This situation is the primary cause for our failure to complete the preparation and distribution of the two 2019 issues of The Chalice. I really feel badly about this.

For these reasons I feel that I must resign as president of NBFA.  

As to the future of the NBFA, I’ll leave it up to our members and friends.  Do we find new leaders or do we dissolve the organization?

Please let me know how you feel about this situation.

Love to you all.

Bill Blue in Seattle

January 14, 2020

A Letter from Sarah Bitter


Hello everyone.


I have dreaded this day when we would face the question of what is to become of the NBFA. Bill you have been our driving force, and leader for so very many years. You never seemed to give up on the dream of keeping the NBFA alive and all the learning of when, where and how our Blue families have lived. 


I joined that dream in 1992 and became so very dedicated to this mission. I developed the first web site over the winter of 1992-1993, became the Chalice newsletter Editor and lead many of the National Reunions. I enjoyed every moment of this over the last 28 years. Where have the years gone?

Now here comes my letter of resignation. With the ever growing demands on my time and energy, I feel it is in the best interest for me to also step down.  


Do I want the NBFA to just fall apart? NO. I feel we need to get busy and sum up all of our resources and GET a CHALICE out.  We need to write a letter that should be published in the CHALICE and on the web site, requesting people to step up and keep this group going. I am willing to help them get started with the knowledge I have and the energy I still have.


Love to you all.


Sarah A. Bitter

January 16, 2020

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